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JD Rumbold

Electrically Charged Design: Art & Lamps


I’m JD. I’m a master electrician who turned my love of function into the ultimate form: ART!

Master Electrician Turned Artist:

JD Rumbold fuses artistic expression with industrial materials to create one-of-a-kind lighting pieces and artwork. He draws heavily from his 30+ years of experience as a licensed electrician in the state of Colorado with his company, Rumbold Electric. Many of the materials evoke this hint of his extensive construction background, with a steampunk vibe and a dose of whimsy. 


JD reside in Elizabeth, Colorado with his wife and four children.  


Bespoke Designs by Colorado Artist

“I love sharing my creative combinations of  industrial, everyday objects with artful lamp design with the world!”


Mixed Media

Industrially-Inspired Lamps

Atomic Gauge

My Approach


Sturdy Design

Made with quality, sturdy materials and are made to last.


One-of-a Kind

I like to work with repurposed antiques, industrial items, and other everyday materials, making each lamp truly one-of-a-kind.



Designed and built from over 40 years experience working in electrical construction field and a passion for a creative outlet!

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Atomic Gauge – JD Rumbold